Female Characters (2/10)

Veronica Mars
“Well, you know what they say. Veronica Mars - she’s a marshmallow.”


Veronica Mars



Logan: As a rule I like to start every school day with a hot blonde waiting for me in the parking lot.

Veronica: Me too!

Logan: I’m not blonde!

Veronica: Or hot.

Veronica Mars

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 veronica mars

#you gonna play nice now?#walk in front of the car we’ll see #wow sugar puss you’ve certainly been a busy little bee #she’s a keeper #SOMETHING HAPPENS #i could learn more staying here with you #you have a problem with veronica you’re pretty much dead to me so just like evaporate or something #no one writes songs about the ones that come easy #i’m sorry logan

i can never describe all of my logan/veronica feels no matter how much i watch the show.


Veronica Mars marathon. Yesss.

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